Sunday, April 25, 2010

to you..

dengan nama Allah Yang Maha Tahu Semuanya

adoi..this feeling is killing me. adoi...

sorry to you, i didn't meant it

sorry to you, as i knew how much you really want it

sorry to you, because of me you couldn't have it

and i'm very sorry, as i stole it away from you..

it was the time...and i'm so sorry.. do accept my apology. will you?

it's really hard on me to see the sorrow in your eyes

it's really hurts me to hear the whine from your words

it's really killing when you say, it's ok

utrujah: ape la yang gue buat ni..


  1. ayookk...

    (syaimaa' yg tak tahu menahu :P)

  2. oke syaimaa' dah tahu sebabnya.
    ish tak patut betul la nt buat dia gitu..
    (saje nak tmbahkan kekesalan. mueheh :p)

    mabruk 'alaikuma ye... :D
    great job!
    semoga Allah redha~


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